I have several items I would like to sell.  Was hoping to sell as one unit but doubt that will happen.  Listed below is what I have.

Snow Village

Farm House
Pisa Pizza
Double Bungalow
Marvels Beauty Shop
Oak Grove Tudor
The Honeymoon Hotel
Dinah's Drive In
Village Christmas Tree Lot

Many accessory pieces

Street signs (6 signs)
Kids decorating village sign
garland 3, 24" lengths
Christmas trimming
Village News Delivery (set of 2)
Tour the Village, Classic Cars (set of 3)
Sno jet snomobile
Wreaths for Sale (set of 4)
Phone Booth
Coca Cola billboard
winter fountain
Man on ladder hanging garland
Crack the whip skaters (set of 3)
Kids holding hands around tree (no box)
Mini lights
Through the woods (set of 2)
Skate Faster Mom
Snow kids (set of 4)
Pizza delivery (set of 2)
Lighted flag
Lighted trees (2)
Fire hydrant
Guy chopping wood with child (set of 2)
Lighted snow capped revolving tree
Set of 4 candle style lights
Christmas luminaries, Accessory fencing

Heritage Village accessory pieces

City News Stand (set of 4)
Painting our own village sign and Untangle the Christmas lights.